• We Can Help

    We Can Help

    We can help when you or someone you care about has been injured or worse. We can help answer your questions, discuss your concerns and lessen your fears. Insurance Companies are businesses that make money by delaying and denying claims. They do their best not to pay money unless they have to and then as little as possible.

    Insurance contracts are often long documents with terms that ar...

  • Our Services

    Our firm offers experienced representation for everyday people. We will sit down and discuss your case and concerns, answer your questions and together we will create and implement a plan of action...

    • Michael A. Connon

      Michael A. Connon

      Mike focuses his practice in all types of personal injury matters including considerable experience ...

    • Josh Tolin

      Josh Tolin

      • Over a 95% success rate in cases filed in getting my clients a settlement or verdict as compared...

    • Steven Joseph Clark

      Steven Joseph Clark

      Steven started his law career at the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in 1977, where...

  • Why Choose Us?

    We have the experience and knowledge to help answer your questions. Consultations are always free.

    Why Choose Us

    If you listen to any firm’s commercials you are familiar with the line “The choice of a lawyer is an important choice and should not be made on advertising alone”. Yet millions of dollars are spent every year hoping that you will do just that. We have a different approach. First, money is important to you as it is to us so you should not have to pay to meet us and see what can or cannot...

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