Detecting a Birth Injury

It can be difficult to detect whether a child has had a birth injury. But parents know their babies better than anyone, so you may have suspected that your child isn’t reacting the way other babies do. Your child may not have firm muscle tone, or may seem uncoordinated. There might even be bruising on the body due to poor control of muscle movement.

Perhaps you’ve seen some of these signs. Maybe your doctor has even made a diagnosis of certain difficulties. But if you still have questions, or you feel your doctor hasn’t properly explained your child’s condition, contact us here at Connon & Tolin as soon as possible.


  1. >> Poor coordination
  2. >> Your child may bruise easily or the head or scalp may exhibit excessive molding
  3. >> Seizures
  4. >> Excessive tiredness or inactivity
  5. >> Signs of possible mental retardation
  6. >> Discoloration of the skin
  7. >> A prolonged stay in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  8. >> In severe cases, lapsing into a coma
  9. >> Diagnosis of a neonatal encephalopathy or a hypoxic-ischemic injury
  10. >> Cerebral palsy
  11. >> Brachial plexus injuries (damage to the nerves surrounding the shoulder) and/or a resulting diagnosis of Erb’s Palsy (weakness or paralysis of the arm)
  12. >> Below normal Apgar scores

Remember – this is not a complete list. There are other conditions and indications, including possible injury to the mother during birth.

Evaluate what you’ve observed about your baby, or what a doctor may have told you as a diagnosis. If you feel this could have been caused by a birth injury, allow us to help you. With more than 25 years of experience, we are able to recognize signs of birth injuries that were preventable, and we can call upon our medical consultants to review your doctor or hospital records. If we determine you have legitimate reasons to file a claim, we can put our legal team to work for you and your child.

Over the years, we’ve helped settle cases resulting in millions of dollars of help for parents and children.  Call us at Connon & Tolin for a FREE consultation – for the future of your child.

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