If You Or a Loved One Has Been Injured in Missouri

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If You Have Been Hurt….

After an injury, most people just want to get back to their day to day life. Many times it doesn’t even occur to an accident or injury victim that they could “sue” anyone for their injuries. Our clients are hard-working, honest people who have had their lives thrown off-track due to an accident or injury. The fact is if you’ve been injured, you are in a very complex legal situation whether you like it or not. The insurance companies have teams of attorneys working to protect their interests and you should have a lawyer on your side as well.

How Insurance Companies Make Money (and why that matters to an injury victim)

Insurance companies are really good at collecting their monthly premiums, but what people who have been injured in an accident quickly find out is that they are not so good at paying out. Insurance companies are businesses, and like all businesses they work to protect their profits. For insurance companies, this usually means paying out as little as possible on accident and injury claims. This is why it is so important to have an attorney protecting your interests and fighting to ensure that you are treated fairly.

We Fight to Ensure You Get What You Deserve

Many injuries can take months, even years to recover from. Medical care and missed time from work along with lingering pain and suffering can take a huge toll on a person. A lot of injuries can create the need for medical treatments or rehab sessions that can end up feeling like a full time job. Working with a lawyer ensures that your medical costs, present and future are accounted for. We also work to secure compensation for the time you have missed, and will miss in the future from work.

We Fight to Protect Your Future

In case where there is a severe injury that will leave someone disabled for the rest of their life, having an experienced and effective lawyer on your side can be the difference between being comfortable and struggling financially for the rest of your life. You only have one shot at a financial recovery from the people responsible for your injuries. That is why a comprehensive medical evaluation is critical — to ensure that the extent of all injuries is known, and the cost of recovery can be accurately calculated.

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We understand that all you want is to get back to your normal life as soon as possible. Let the experienced accident and injury lawyers at Connon & Tolin handle your financial recovery so that you can focus on your physical and mental recovery. There is not cost or obligation to take advantage of a free initial consultation, and there is never any up-front cost for us to represent you. We handle cases throughout Missouri from our office in Eureka.