Josh Tolin

Josh Tolin
  • Over a 95% success rate in cases filed in getting my clients a settlement or verdict as compared to a 25% success rate for the industry
  • Over 80% of my cases are referred by other attorneys who lack the legal and/or medical expertise.
  • I authored a chapter in an Obstetrics Textbook advising other attorneys how to handle Shoulder dystocia/erb’s palsy cases.
  • I have an extensive a legal and medical background.
  • Former member of AAJ birth trauma litigation group’s executive committee.

Since being admitted to practice law in Missouri in 1986 I have focused my practice to Civil Litigation. Prior to attending law school from 1977-1983, I worked as a Critical Care Respiratory Therapy Technician in two Kansas City area hospitals prior to pursuing my law degree. While in school I worked in a Topeka hospital — these experiences helped me to develop clinical knowledge as well as practical knowledge in the field of medicine.

I have spent over 90% of my time handling Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury cases. I have a 95% success rate in Medical Malpractice cases, far above the industry average of 25%. The reason for my success is my understanding of medicine and how to read medical records. I have developed relationships with many exceptional medical professionals who are experts in their field and not just hired professional witnesses.

I also concentrate my practice in the area of Birth Injuries, a subspecialty of Malpractice cases, such as Cerebral Palsy and Erb’s Palsy cases. I had the opportunity to author Chapter 15 in the First Edition of renowned expert, Dr. James O’Leary’s Obstetrics Textbook, entitled Shoulder Dystocia and Birth Injury. I take great pride in my successful representation of numerous children with permanent and severe injuries in their civil causes.

I was elected to the Executive Committee from 2002-2006 for the Birth Trauma Litigation Group which was a subsection of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America ( ATLA), or what is now referred to as AAJ.

I have handled and tried many types of other Personal Injury cases such as auto cases, slip and fall cases, and other types of Premises Liability and Products Liability cases.

For seven straight years I have had at least one million dollar, or multimillion dollar, verdicts or settlements. I was involved in a fraud case relating to medical care in Texas where the settlements and fines exceeded 750 million dollars.

Since 2013, I have also represented several corporate clients in sensitive litigations involving components of the B-2 Stealth Bomber and the F-14 Jet Fighter, and I have represented a global security company which specializes in providing protection for Fortune 50 Executives.

I handle big cases, I have had multiple million dollar and multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements. I was involved in a fraud case relating to medical care in Texas where the settlements and fines exceeded 750 million dollars.